20160924 / 19:00

Painter YORKE. will be releasing ART BOOK “WHY I PAINT” Series vol,2

YORKE.’s column in the free magazine “okmusic UP’s” where he paints through an episode of his story with music along will be released! The art book will include his artwork from January to December 2014. It takes a peek at how YORKE. was like before OLDCODEX containing 12 episodes along with 12 songs he selected as BGM. The art book includes 12 illustrations of his stories.

*This art book is a make to order product. To purchase, pre-order registration will be necessary.
*Pre-order period: November 1 to 30, 2016.
*The shipping of the art book is scheduled in the end of February 2017.
*Details: 4-color (20cm×20cm art book style) with YORKE.’s photo especially taken for the book.